Privacy Policy

This server is in the E.U. and is covered by the GDPR. This website uses cookies to set the language but we do not collect personal data or use any method of tracking individual users. Some data is recorded that might permit the identification of an individual if combined with records that the operators of this site have no access to. Such data is recorded for the legitimate reasons given below.

  • Some usage statistics are kept indefinitely in order to determine popularity of pages. Such statistics may include an IP address.
  • Webserver access logs (which might allow an individual to be identified via IP address and accurate timestamp) are automatically deleted after approximately 1 month. They will not be published or shared, but are checked in order to identify errors on the site and to identify security violations.
  • In the event of a security violation (including but not limited to probing and unsuccessful attacks), logs including full IP addresses, timestamps and also sent/received data may be preserved beyond the above schedule and may be shared with appropriate authorities, internet providers.